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Nōmad Tea Co

Premium Ceremonial Matcha

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Take the extra time in the morning to relax and enjoy the mindful process of making a cup of matcha the traditional way or brew up a quick cup in the middle of the trail to give you a boost of energy and clarity. However you enjoy your matcha, we promise our premium ceremonial grade matcha will satisfy your taste buds.

Our matcha is grown in the Uji region of the Kyoto prefecture of Japan, known for the most fertile soil perfect for growing green tea leaves. The small farms put high attention to detail to make sure only the finest shade grown leaves are picked at the first spring harvest. This labour intensive and time consuming process allows us to bring you a delicious matcha with delicate flavour. No bitter taste, just pure bliss.

Stone ground premium ceremonial matcha encompassing a deep green colour and rich umami taste 

Net weight: 40 grams 

Ingredients: 100% premium ceremonial grade matcha 

Origin: Uji, Japan